Cell Logics Premium Resveratrol 600mg - Top Health Naturals
Cell Logics Premium Resveratrol 600mg - Top Health Naturals

Premium Resveratrol 600mg

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Resveratrol is a potent polyphenol that is present in high concentrations of grapes and red wine. Many studies indicate that resveratrol benefits suppress oxidative damage to organs  including the heart and cardiovascular system, brain, and skin. They also show it may reduce damage from nitrite radicals to endothelial cells and may protect cells from ultraviolet radiation. Its effects against oxidative damage also suggest resveratrol may protect against oxidative damage in diabetes due to high glucose levels*. High potency Resveratrol supplement was found to be life sustaining in animal studies. 

Cell Logics Premium Resveratrol offers you access to the powerful benefits of Resveratrol in a concentrated premium formula including an abundance of superior Trans-Resveratrol for even higher effectiveness. Add Cell Logics Resveratrol to your powerful detox and antioxidant toolbox and optimize to your best health*. Cell Logics Premium Resveratrol is a quality product you can trust, made with integrity by Top Health Naturals, tested for purity and potency by third party tester, made in FDA registered facility in the U.S.A, and GMP certified. 


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