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The Dating Study

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The Top Health Coaching Team conducted an 8-Year dating study asking men and women the question if you could speak confidentially and report your deepest feelings, secrets, and perspectives about dating, sex, and relationship experiences, what would you communicate?

The Dating Study was designed and adapted according to what topics the thousands of contributors placed emphasis on. This is a human expose' you won't find anywhere else. The mind-blowing discoveries were formatted into simple, easy-to-understand picture E-books in 3-part DIGITAL DOWNLOADs. 

Part 1 The Dating Study, Introduction, The Women Study, and The Man Study.

Part 2: The Online Dating Study and Science of Love.

Part 3: Socioboy, the Player Manual and Wild Woman, Tales of Psycho. 

The Woman Study 

Women's deepest feelings and darkest secrets revealed. What do women really want from men? What is their #1 frustration? What do women want the most from sex? What quality of men attracts the most women? Women report the real reason they go "psycho". How do women perceive their own sex? Self-pleasuring secrets. What do women fantasize about the most? What are women's #1 fear? The secrets to relationship success. How to improve the health of dating and relationship experiences. and much more!

The Man Study 

Shocking Discoveries in dating. Men's deepest and darkest secrets exposed. What men don't feel comfortable telling women. What do men really want? What is their #1 frustration with women? What do men want the most from sex? Online dating memoirs. The Player Manual: Player's methods in manipulating women. What secret things do some men do with their phones? How do men perceive their own sex? Self-pleasuring secrets. What do men fantasize about the most? What are men's #1 fear? and much more!

The Science of Love

How to use scientific knowledge to gain an advantage in the dating world. How improve your relationship bond using science. What secret thing do some people do to get an advantage in dating? How to beat dating anxiety, fear, and trauma. Ways to improve relationship bonding based on science. and much more!

The Online dating Study

The ultimate online dating expose'. Patterns seen in player profiles. The Image Study: What online dating profile images attract the most people? Online dating memoirs. Online dating messaging patterns. Does attractiveness rating correlate to success in dating? The methods some men use to organize their online dating prioritization and how it effects women in dating. Catfish memoirs. and much more!


Thousands of men and women ages 24-65 were interviewed. The patterns learned were not meant to be claimed as absolutes. They were written for observation and reflection to relate to your own experiences. The Dating Study was created to increase awareness and help people maneuver through this dating culture in a more informed manner. Top Health Coaching is not liable for the actions of reader related to The Dating Study. 


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