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Wellness Life Coaching with Connie Sportiello

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Whether you desire to transform your life or just want to learn life boosting tips, this might be the best decision you ever make for your well being. Learn the simple tools to facilitate a healthier and happier life. Connie has worked with people in mental health clinical field and in philanthropy for over a decade. She can teach you how to change your physiology naturally to gain better control over your ailments, depression, and anxiety. Learn the simple tools to overcome procrastination. You will be guided in improving negative relations with other people. Empowering you to be your best self and maximizing your time to achieve happiness is the key.

Connie Sportiello is an award winning RN, NLP, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Relationship Mediation Facilitator. Her professional career has entailed improving the lives of mentally and developmentally disabled people and has had great outcomes in her field. 

The Extraordinary Life Program

Invest in giving to yourself. Individualized sessions will be created based on your own specific needs. You will be given the tools to maximize your potential for an empowered, happy, healthy life.

Graduate Excellence Program

Your young person will be given the motivation, empowerment, inspiration, and tools to head into adulthood with more confidence, direction, and structure to help him/her achieve optimal results in life.


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